VENTI talks: jewelers must know the gems

VENTI talks: jewelers must know the gems

When you walk into a jewelry store, are you often blinded by colorful and colorful treasures? In recent years, these beautiful colorful treasures have become "high in water", which not only makes women take the limelight in party and shopping, but even sells them after they have had enough fun. And which colored gemstones have a large investment collection space? VENTI is talking!

A stone symbolizing power and finance: ruby

Ruby has always been a symbol of power and wealth. In many countries in the West, emperors and nobles are decorated with rubies. The Queen of England and the Russian Tsar love ruby. Natural rubies are rare and rare, and it is natural to have a specific environment to breed. The most recognized ruby ​​origin in the world is in the Mogu area of ​​Myanmar, and the ruby ​​in Mozambique in Africa has gradually embarked on the international stage, attracting the attention of the world's collectors. Since the second half of 2011, the average annual increase of rubies has reached about 50%, and some high-quality rubies have gone out of double.

VENTI recommends: When purchasing ruby, the color is best VividRed or Red; no visible impurities are visible to the naked eye; at least 1 carat for collection purposes; and at least 40% of the fire should be cut.

Love and Beauty's Hymn: Sapphire

Legend has it that sapphire is the touchstone for testing feelings. When the Duke of Windsor gave sapphire as a token of love to his sweetheart, Mrs. Windsor, to express her loyalty to love.

There are many beautiful colors in the world of sapphire: blue-green, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and so on. Among them, the "corner" sapphire has always been hailed as the best in sapphire, and the production is rare and precious. It has become the most eye-catching gem in the auction. In addition, the most famous is the orange-orange sapphire produced in Sri Lanka, which is one of the fastest growing gemstones in recent years.

VENTI recommends: Under normal circumstances, sapphire only has a weight of more than 2 carats, and the sapphire with good color and less sapphire has a higher appreciation space. If it is a collection-grade sapphire, the weight is recommended to be more than 3 carats.

Rainbow falling into the world: tourmaline

Tourmaline has a beautiful English name Tourmaline, meaning mixed gems. Because of its rich colors, tourmaline is also known as "the rainbow that falls into the world."

Tourmaline is especially precious in the minds of Chinese people. It is a symbol of identity. It is a homonym of "dispelling evil spirits" and good mouth color. It is a top grade accessory. In the domestic jewelry market in recent years, the price of tourmaline has been the fastest, and it has received the most attention from the market. From the perspective of the growth process of gemstones, after a gemstone is on the ascending track, the price will continue to rise in 5 to 8 years. Taking 2010 as a starting point, the tourmaline is still in the starting position, and the value-added potential will be even greater this year.

VENTI recommends: the weight is naturally the heavier the better, the color is uniform, pure, and the other qualities (weight, clarity and cut) are the same, the blue tourmaline is the most expensive, the red is the second, Again green.

Mysterious new power of colorful treasure: Tanzanite

Few people know that in the romantic and touching movie "Titanic", Rose's huge gemstone pendant is the mysterious and precious tanzanite.

Since the discovery of tanzanite, it has been only for more than 40 years. Due to the limitations of the yield of the production area, coupled with excellent quality, transparent texture and attractive color, it has always been loved by people. Compared with 2010, the price of tanzanite in 2013 has tripled in the country of origin. Strong supply and demand will push the market price of tanzanite by 30% to 40%. From the current point of view, the appreciation potential of tanzanite is immeasurable.

VENTI recommends: Because tanzanite is easy to produce large particles, it is recommended to choose large carats when purchasing. In addition, it has turned over and over again in the international market, and the sooner you start, the more room for appreciation.

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