Shelove Department Store manager in Fujian straight chain training smoothly

Shelove Department Store manager in Fujian straight chain training smoothly

June 26, in order to further enhance the manager's ability to manage the store's comprehensive ability, shelove love the Korean Department of City Fashion Women's Executive Directorate-owned store manager to the headquarters for training. Market supervision Lin Xiu-ping as a lecturer, one day for the manager of the actual exercise: From the manager's role in position, store image management, efficient management of goods, performance doubled, beyond the satisfaction of multi-level manager to explain the full range of needs The core skills and basic concepts.

Class lecturer combined with the actual case of small partners for a wonderful speech, small partners to listen attentively, for a little more professional knowledge, we repeated exercises, positive questions, we are very pleased! This period of training is the first issue. According to the manager training plan, then the Department of Administration and Marketing Department will fully cooperate to further improve the training program. In order to join the department store chain (including franchise stores), including corporate culture, shop management, personnel management, display more professional and meticulous training. Let the small partners work in a huge upgrade and progress.

Instructor Lin Xiuping

Small partners to listen to the good way

Lecturer demonstration target decomposition of the specific algorithm


After classmates are happy photo

Shelove is a dark horse in the women's clothing industry. She has always practiced the concept of achievements of employees and customers, continuously provided training platforms for her partners and encouraged her partners to strive for excellence and surpass themselves in their work, thus obtaining the corresponding post promotion And material remuneration, to achieve a double harvest of spiritual and material resources. From the real sense of help, achievements partners! At the same time also for the store management training, delivery more talents!

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