Aeon plans to reduce the proportion of apparel purchases in China from 80% to 50%

Aeon plans to reduce the proportion of apparel purchases in China from 80% to 50%

NetEase Finance October 27, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's Aeon Group (AEON) on the 26th for the medium-term business plan to hold a press conference in Chiba City. President Okada Yuan also said at the press conference that the group plans to reduce the proportion of apparel purchases in China from about 80% to about 50%.

AEON currently purchases products from China including clothing, processed foods and many other products. Around the issue of **** (Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands), anti-Japanese demonstrations took place in various parts of China. Okada explained on its impact: “Some goods have been delayed. (If the import is interrupted) Japanese stores cannot be opened.” Although he stated that he intends to reduce the proportion of procurement from China to about 50% as soon as possible, he did not mention And specific time.

Aeon announced the mid-term business plan for the year to 2013, including the establishment of three new systems in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. Okada emphasized that "In the next 10 years, Asia will surpass North America as the world's largest consumer destination. It will promote the Asian Group with the power of the entire group."

The business plan proposes to set up headquarters in China and Southeast Asia as soon as possible and integrate business units in each region. In addition to increasing the number of stores in China, it will also study the Indonesian, Cambodian and Indian markets. In Japan, various types of shops such as shopping malls, drugstores, and small shops will be opened in big cities. In the future, more emphasis will be placed on middle-aged and older customers, further expansion of self-owned brand products and introduction of new services.

The business plan also proposes that the total sales revenue of the group in fiscal year 2013 will reach 6 trillion yen (approximately 493.4 billion yuan***), an increase of 1 trillion yen from fiscal year 2009, and an increase in operating profit to 250 billion yuan. JPY.


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