Contemporary big-name craft art collection has words Chengdu said

Contemporary big-name craft art collection has words Chengdu said

Chengdu is a major city of contemporary Chinese art. There are numerous contemporary art events. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the 2nd China Contemporary Art Collectors Annual Meeting and the Collector's Collection Invitational Exhibition will be launched in Chengdu on the 20th of this month. This event was sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the People's Government of Jixian County. At that time, senior artists from all over the world and heavyweight contemporary artists such as Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, He Duojun, Zhou Chunya, and Ye Yongqing will gather to brainstorm for contemporary art collections.

It is no accident that the annual meeting will be settled in Chengdu. It is no accident that this annual meeting settled in Chengdu. As a historical and cultural city, Chengdu has a profound collection of cultural heritage, has always been a collection of antique calligraphy and painting tradition. In recent years, through the rapid development of the collection of contemporary art in Chengdu, it can be found that: Chengdu's good art atmosphere not only spawned artists, but also created a large number of forward-looking collectors. The Tibetan collectors of the Canglong and Crouching Tigers in Chengdu, after years of baptism in traditional collections, many collectors and collectors began to pay attention to the field of contemporary art. With the expansion and influence of local contemporary artists, Chengdu collectors have begun to focus on the field of contemporary art. Since last year, they have rapidly and aggressively collected the works of famous contemporary artists. Their ambition has made the industry stunned. The rapid rise of the group of contemporary art collectors in Chengdu has attracted more and more attention from the industry.

The person in charge of the exhibition told reporters: “Chengdu is a city with more active contemporary art, many artists, and many famous heavyweight artists, and the art atmosphere is very good. More importantly, the art collection market here has great potential. The annual meeting was held in Chengdu and everyone is very much in agreement."

The author of the collection of the Chinese art world gathered in the world of art collectors and the deputy director of the Cultural Industry Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission International Cooperation Center Chen Xi wrote that the collection of contemporary art is no longer just a reflection of personal interest and style. It is social responsibility and social effectiveness. As far as the current situation is concerned, China’s contemporary art collection is still in its infancy after the initial stage of development. It lacks consensus on value and unanimous pace. To quickly change this status, it is necessary to establish a platform for mutual communication and discussion. The Chinese Contemporary Artists Collection Annual Conference is based on such thinking and practice and promotion. According to the analysis, the emerging private collectors in China, in terms of industry background, are mainly concentrated in the areas with the fastest capital growth in recent years, such as real estate and finance.

The annual meeting of collectors can be said to be a carnival of the art world and collectors: Li Xianting, a famous Chinese critic of the contemporary godfather of Chinese contemporary art, and Yu Deyao, curator of the Yude Yao Museum of Fine Arts in Indonesia and a collection of works by many contemporary Chinese artists. The curators of galleries, galleries, and top artists from domestic art circles in Singapore and other countries have all participated in this annual conference to contribute to the development of Chinese contemporary art collections. The Chengdu collectors will also make their debut at the annual meeting to showcase the strength of the Chengdu collection industry.

The Forum pays attention to the contemporary Chinese art market At this annual meeting, the theme forum will be the highlight. This year's annual meeting will focus on the development of Chinese contemporary art market, including topics such as the cultivation of Chinese local collectors, appreciation of arts, and collections and investment. Thematic forums such as critic forums and art market development forums will be held. Critics and artists from home and abroad will publish The Role of Chinese Contemporary Art Collection in the Development of Contemporary Art Industry, The Value Standards and Development Direction of Chinese Contemporary Art Collection, and The Power of Collection: Promoting the Public Nature of Private Art Collection. "Organic System: Development of Private Art Collection Social Network" and other keynote speeches. Li Xianting, He Juxing, Zhou Chunya and other critics and artists will give their insights in keynote speeches.

Collector Collection Invitational Exhibition Insured 400 Million This Annual Meeting Another important event collectors collection invitation exhibition will be held at the Sichuan Provincial Museum from the 21st of this month to the 5th of December. The exhibition will display a total of 25 works from 23 collectors at home and abroad. The representative collections collected by these collectors will give Chengdu residents an eye-opener. According to reports, the value of the exhibition's works was invaluable, and the total insurance coverage of the collection reached 400 million yuan. The classic works of He Duoleng's Lost Paradise, Zhou Chunya's Taihu Stone, and Yang Fudong's International Hotel will all be exhausted in this exhibition.

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