New Year's gift basket 2011: Bangkok's public spending totals 1.1 billion baht

New Year's gift basket 2011: Bangkok's public spending totals 1.1 billion baht

Taihua Farmers Research Center sampled 528 consumers aged 15-65 from December 1-10 on the theme of “Bangkok Citizens Purchase New Year Gift Baskets” and found that they plan to purchase a New Year gift basket at the end of this year. The proportion has increased, accounting for 57.8% of the respondents. As in previous years, most buyers plan to buy New Year's gift baskets for relatives and their families, especially parents, and most of them, 90% of the respondents, have the same or slightly increased budgets as before. In addition, the number of New Year's gift baskets to be purchased and the price of gift baskets purchased have also increased. The number of gift baskets purchased per person has increased from 3.39 to 3.66 last year, and the proportion of New Year gift baskets that are planned to purchase more than 500 baht has also been higher than last year. increase. Therefore, the Taihua Peasant Research Center expects that the total consumption of New Year's gift baskets by Bangkok residents will reach 1.1 billion baht by the end of this year, an increase of approximately 12.7% over the previous year.

At the same time, the survey also found that due to government propaganda that does not allow the New Year's gift baskets to contain alcoholic products in order to implement the provisions of the 2009 Alcoholic Drinks Management Act, all merchants adjusted their sales strategies and instead introduced more to the market. Health gift baskets and eco-friendly gift baskets are consistent with the survey results. They found that Bangkok citizens are more interested in buying health food gift baskets this year, such as gift baskets made of bird's nest, oral chicken essence, vegetables and fruits, and gift baskets. The occurrence of alcoholic products has also decreased.

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