Appearance of clothing business anti-season promotions: down jacket risk potential

Appearance of clothing business anti-season promotions: down jacket risk potential

Today, anti-season promotions or seasonal clearance sale products do not have a market opportunity. Garments are particularly popular as durable goods and preserveables. The down jackets that are absolutely necessary for winter use high prices and high preservation values. The low-cost promotion in the off-season has become a wishful thinking for people to “use time for space and then use space to save money”.

However, well-known brands generally do not perform off-season sales due to the need for annual designs and styles of mysterious business reservations. Moreover, well-known brands do not generally experience inventory crisis or large-scale clearance. Taking Guangdong's famous trademark "Wenhua Down" as an example, the brand has been operating for many years and has accumulated a wealth of market information and inventory management capabilities. Trying to control inventories is one of the key points of the entire sales operation and management.

Therefore, the off-season sales of down jackets are mostly miscellaneous down jackets. There is no shortage of down jackets and down jackets. Allergies and carcinogenicity occur in down products. If wearing a down jacket soon appears the body will appear small and large, different shapes, clear boundaries, light red color, surrounded by blush, itching unbearable soft pimples or mass, it is called urticaria; may also appear Nasopharyngeal itching, cramps, sneezing, coughing, chest tightness, etc., can produce suffocation when significant. Especially during the downturn of the down industry in 2009, the China Feather & Textile Industry Association specially launched the “Downgrade Products Credit Guarantee” campaign to strengthen the down apparel quality. This activity was also launched for the third time, aiming to combat the poor circulation of down jackets in the market.

Wenhua Feather Production Base has long been awarded the right to hang as China's down and antibacterial experimental base. The brands of Guangzhou Wenhua Down Products Co., Ltd. have all passed international antibacterial standards.

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