Online shopping apparel dispute resolution friends recommend counter try on

Online shopping apparel dispute resolution friends recommend counter try on

A few days ago, Mr. Wang purchased two trench coats online. After receiving the goods, it was found that the fabric of the clothes was inconsistent with what they described, but the merchant said that the cost of testing required me to come out. The test is indeed inconsistent, and the merchant gives the return.

Mr. Wang said that when the clothes were sent to him, he found that the material was not good, and the windbreaker was short and there were folds behind the windbreaker.

Mr. Wang contacted the merchant to request a return, but the other party said that he could return the goods, but the freight had to be borne by him. This made Mr. Wang very puzzled.

Mr. Wang’s online shop says that if buyers feel that their clothes have quality problems, they need to be identified by the quality supervision department. If the test shows that the clothes do not match the description of the shop, they will refund the purchase price, appraisal fee and shipping cost, otherwise the appraisal fee and shipping cost will be borne by the buyer.

According to the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Hebei Province, consumers have doubts about the material of clothes and can directly detect the composition of clothing. The fee is related to the number of ingredients included, and the more ingredients in the cloth, the higher the charge. There are two or more ingredients, and wool is included. The inspection fee is more than 400 yuan. Among the tests they have done, the most expensive ones can reach seven or eight hundred yuan.

"The cost of testing is more expensive than the price of clothes," and how to protect Mr. Wang's rights is unclear.

For Mr. Wang’s experience, Liu Jindong, director of the complaints department of Shishi Consumer Association, said that the online registration site for consumer complaints is in Beijing. According to the principle of territorial supervision, he can report to Beijing’s industry and commerce or consumer associations.

At the same time, Liu Jindong reminds consumers that online shopping is convenient, but it has also become a big problem in the face of disputes. Pay attention to the existence of various types of evidence when online shopping, such as chat records, messages, transaction information, proof of remittance, etc., can better protect their own rights and interests.

How to make more users avoid the same experience as Mr. Wang. Netizen "Pig" trick, if you want to buy online brand clothes, may wish to try to go to the mall counter, so not only can understand the material of the goods, but also according to try on the effect of the right number of clothes to buy, to avoid Returns.

At the same time, “Pigs and Pigs” also reminded everyone to buy clothes online, not only to view the product's photos, buyers can leave a lot of clues.

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