Cocoa duck 13th Anniversary of the "sweet magician"

Cocoa duck 13th Anniversary of the "sweet magician"

"I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy birthday ..." When 20 VIP families together to sing birthday cocoa duck wishes, when the slight candlelight lit children happy smile, when everyone shouted cocoa duckish When we wish each other together, we are fortunate enough to feel the moment of warmth and excitement. November 10, cocoa duck 13 anniversary VIP exclusive activities - "Sweet Sorcerer" Guanlan Rainbow Special fell a successful conclusion, let us review together, the activities of those warm heart of the fragment it! Whether it is coco duck, children, or parents, every bright smile warm our hearts. Thank you for letting the 13th birthday PARTY of cocoa duck kids become warm and warm. Cake production will begin soon! Look, our little sweet sorcerer more serious ah! Do not worry, the apron has not been put on, carefully dirty our beautiful clothes. Cake on the table, but the sweet magicians began to change changed Oh! Hee hee, see what they can not wait to look like ... ... In order to test the memory of children, we arranged in the activities of "magic first to answer" activities. Did not see this group of little magician who enthusiastically look like! A successful answer, show a show my prizes! see it? My work is done. This is by my own handwriting Oh. Hee hee, this is my first cake! How, pretty good! All children light candles and sing "Happy Birthday" for cocoa duck. So warm scene, so that the presence of people touched. VIP families involved in the "sweet magician" activities together bless cocoa duck, I wish cocoa duck tomorrow will be better!

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