Domestic wigs enter the Taobao sea purchase "top three"

Domestic wigs enter the Taobao sea purchase "top three"

What do overseas “Amoy customers” love to buy from domestic online store sellers? Taobao released data yesterday, the "international version of Taobao" AliExpress platform cross-border sales top three are: clothing, mobile phones, wigs . The wigs that entered the top three were experiencing an average of about 40,000 overseas sales per day, of which more than 90% were sent to African Americans.

While other peer e-commerce companies are busy preparing for the "Double 11" shopping spree, Guangzhou's wig businessman Xie Rongzhen is busy preparing for his products these days. He opened several stores in the AliExpress, where ROSA and LUVIN are two wig brands, all ranked in the top five of the AliExpress wig industry. More than 90% of the parcels are sent to the United States. In order to further develop the US market, he is preparing to run the United States in mid-October to join the AliExpress program and participate in the fake development in Atlanta.

At present, there are tens of thousands of wig shops like the ROSA and LUVIN on the AliExpress platform. According to Li Ji, who is in charge of the beauty and hairdressing category, the wig issued this single category of goods, accounting for more than 80% of the sales of beauty and hairdressing categories. Taobao has about 40,000 sets of wigs sold overseas every day.

It is reported that as a base for global processing and manufacturing, China's wig exports account for more than 70% of global supply. As the country with the most imported wigs, the United States has digested more than 60% of them. In the AliExpress platform, the United States has a higher proportion, and the purchase ratio is as high as 90% or more.

Shen Difan, the person in charge of AliExpress, said that the United States has always been the largest demander of China's wigs for foreign trade. The trade volume of wigs in a year is about one billion US dollars. The amount of cross-border direct purchases on AliExpress in 2013 will exceed this. The industry trades between China and the United States at 15%, and the annual growth rate exceeds 500%. There are many examples of wig-like, and this model of direct cross-border shopping is changing the traditional trade situation of some industries.

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