How to match with down jacket is bright enough to wear down jacket was thin dress

How to match with down jacket is bright enough to wear down jacket was thin dress

Those who wear the down jacket and became less confident girls, today when you come counter-attack, down jacket can be very thin fashion Oh, winter down jacket is an essential warm clothing, warm in the same time, especially female friends They too suspect it is too bloated, down jacket let down the counter today.

花园街19号 - NO.19

Photo credit: No. 19, Garden Street Women's 2013 autumn and winter new

Fresh candy colors, fluorescent green embellishment is very dazzling, in the winter sun shine, will feel particularly comfortable, short paragraph color stitching down jacket is stylish beauty of you Oh, absolutely stylish, with a long knit shirt, bright knit When the package can be a dress, that is warm and stylish Oh.

羽绒服怎么搭配才够亮眼 羽绒服显瘦装扮

Fluorescent green color itself more dazzling, this touch of color in the winter streets will make you even more brilliant, short paragraph to take a long black and white striped down jacket inside the shirt, not only to make the stripes glow glitter stripes with its jacket Oh, if you feel out of the cold can also be matched with a dark blue scarf is also very good.

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