Gourd - Art Life History

Gourd - Art Life History

Mentioning the gourd is probably in the eyes of the world as a fruit of eating. In the long river of history, artists and sculptors have given a new connotation to the gourd. With the art method, the gourd has a new life. Here, the gourd player Wan Yongqiang tells the history of the gourd.


As a kind of viewing and playing things, gourd is popular in the north, especially in areas such as Beijing. Most of the gourds as appreciation are small gourds, in order to play the gourd. During the Spring Festival in Beijing, friends who visited relatives and friends found that in addition to the blooming flowers, many people’s homes also heard the sound of screaming, making the leisure atmosphere of the home “sound and colorful”. Many players also feel that people in Tianjin still have more people in the winter than in the summer. Earlier, who can raise the summer and autumn to the Spring Festival, who is the "big player", now, with the breeding of cockroaches to become almost an industry, during the Spring Festival, many families in the Beijing-Tianjin region It has also become a scene, and it also expresses the yearning for the urban life of the urban people.

"Hulu Wan" whose real name is Wan Yongqiang, has been playing gourd for 30 years. In these 30 years, not only did many "Gourd Friends" from all over the country, but also the old man who was just deceased, "the biggest player in the capital," Wang Shizhen, had a deep friendship, and he also received a high evaluation from Wang Lao. 30 years ago, Wan Yongqiang, who was just fascinated with gourds, tried to grow gourds in the yard. From the Qing Dynasty, folk artists began to grow gourds with mud molds, which were used to seal the unfinished green gourds with good molds. In order to slowly grow the gourd into a pre-designed look. The young Wan Yongqiang began to try to reform with new technology. He tried to mold with plaster, and the effect was very good. Nowadays, most of the folk artists in the North China region use the plaster mold method. However, few people know that Tianjin's “Hulu Wan” is the founder of this new technology.

Wan Yongqiang introduced that in the Qing Dynasty, the "Hulu Culture" had reached a peak, especially the princes in the court. Whoever has a few good gourds, everyone remembers the movie of the Italian director Bertolucci who told her life. "The Last Emperor", the last shot is the old Puyi returned to the Forbidden City, and magically carved a gourd from the back of the emperor's throne. It can be seen that raising a donkey and playing a gourd is a kind of that year. Aristocratic culture. "Unfortunately, this Italian guide is also a little knowledgeable about the gourd culture. The funeral is the emperor. How can I play that kind of gourd?" Wan Yongqiang pointed out that he carefully collected a few pieces of craftsmanship in the Qing Dynasty. "At the very least, this level is enough. This is what is in the palace."

In the eyes of Wan Yongqiang, the gourd has its own unique life. From the beginning of planting and cultivation, to the final formation, to the final process, it is not easy to play a good gourd after changing the color. In addition to playing the gourd, there is an important function that can make the cockroach stay comfortable inside and can express its vocal maximum. Wan Yongqiang said that he himself observed that whether it is a cockroach or an oil gourd (a kind of worm), when it is screaming in the gourd, it is also crawling up and down, looking around for a suitable place to skillfully use the echo. , to express your own voice to maximize. It seems that a small insect is willing to recite the most proud poems in front of everyone. It is no wonder that the players of this generation have to spare no effort to perfect themselves when they play their own hearts.

Now, with more and more people raising babies in the winter, the gourd will have a larger collection group. Through this small gourd, the urban crowd will have a small passage to the pastoral life. "Return to a slow life", but also touch the bits and pieces of history, why not?

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