Which underwear will endanger the health of the breast?

Which underwear will endanger the health of the breast?

Underwear, can be said that the protective shell of the breast. However, if a female friend does not pay attention to the underwear's wear and does not buy her own underwear, her lingerie becomes the killer who will hurt the breasts. So, is not all the underwear are suitable for our breasts?

Lace with a little sexy, but also a little girl, this type of bra is much favored by women, everyone knows, this bra is actually very hurt the breast, easily lead to breast allergy or mastitis. In addition, like too small, too tight, squeezing the chest bra and steel bra and sponge bra will endanger the health of the breast.


Figure: ELLE brand underwear

One. Like to use those lace too much and texture of the bra

A lot of people like lace bra, I feel beautiful and sexy. If women often wear too much lace, synthetic fabric bras, prone to flushing, itching and even dermatitis and other skin diseases. If you wear cotton, silk and other fabrics made of bras, allergy symptoms can be alleviated or not.

In addition, repeated friction between the nipple and the bra, the fibers on the synthetic bra enter the nipple and cause a blockage of the mammary duct. Over time, the milk tube blocked, not only affect the future breast-feeding, and even cause mastitis.

Bra made of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk fabrics, make people feel more comfortable to wear warm in winter, sweat in summer, it is recommended that women buy priority given, especially in lactating women and breast disease patients.

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