Hetian jade bracelet type

Hetian jade bracelet type

The bracelet can be said to be a very classic Hetian jade, from ancient times to modern times. The shape of the bracelet is simple and elegant, and it is beautifully displayed while showing the unique temperament. Of course, the wearing of the bracelet is also very particular, different bracelets are suitable for different groups of people. Here are four types of bracelets for everyone.

Hetian jade bracelet

First, the traditional generous type: the shape of the bracelet is very simple, mostly round, thick round bar shape, not pursuing the pattern, simple and generous, thick and dignified, more suitable for some older women to wear, can highlight the stability and maturity of women .

Second, the fashion is beautiful: these jade bracelets are mostly made of medium and high-grade jade, and the shape is a round thin circle or a round flat ring. Its style is fashionable, the design concept is advanced, and it has a modern and fashionable atmosphere. It is suitable for young women who are temperamental outward and fashionable.

Third, elegant and chic: jade materials use medium and high-grade jade, the shape of the flat ring and oval. Its style is elegant and elegant, simple and connotative, and gentle and elegant. More suitable for women with higher cultural level, intellectual and elegant.

Four, rich and luxurious type: jade bracelet with medium and high-grade jade material, round and oval. And the surface of jade bracelet has many patterns such as dragon and phoenix and rich life, which is luxurious and rich. Some ladies wear more to show the rich state.

In addition, jade bracelets have other shapes, but when buying jade bracelets, you must pay attention to your own temperament, otherwise it will not only be unsightly, but not uncomfortable. The jade bracelet is also called the Ping An Bracelet. It can protect the body and avoid the evil Najib. The high-quality jade bracelet can be worn or collected, and it has the potential to preserve the value of the investment.

The above is the type of four Hetian jade bracelets compiled by Xiaobian for friends who love Hetian jade bracelets. I hope my friends like it!

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