How to choose good tiles for kitchen decoration

How to choose good tiles for kitchen decoration

How to choose good tiles for kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration, wall and floor tiles also play a role that cannot be ignored. In the past, the tiles were almost all glossy, with little change in texture and oversized specifications, making the walls look monotonous. With the gradual improvement of the production process, the texture of the tile surface has undergone rich changes, creating different styles. With the arrival of the renovation season, there are more choices to buy ceramic tiles. The following small series will share with you the main points of kitchen tile purchase, let's learn together.

1) The back of the cabinet should also be covered with tiles.

Many families now buy sets of cabinets. Don't think that the space behind the cabinet is invisible anyway, let the wall be exposed, but the tile should be covered behind the cabinet. The tile is the best protection for the waterproof layer on the kitchen wall; secondly, the tile will greatly reduce the erosion of the kitchen moisture on the cabinet and prevent the cabinet from being moldy. Three tiling is beneficial to the cabinet to level with the ground and the wall, so that the cabinet and the wall floor seams match, to maintain the cabinet's beauty and protect the life of the cabinet.

2) Principles of use of the waistline

You can choose a set of kitchens that can be used to create a kitchen atmosphere without the waistline.

Fancy tiles, dotted with plain walls, add a pleasant and lively atmosphere to the housewife. When choosing tiles, it is more important to have the concept of “decoration” of tiles. In general, the main function of the tile is to add effect, to set off the atmosphere, a kitchen can choose two or three tiles, if too much, it will be very cumbersome, dazzling, messy feeling. The colors are mainly bright and lively, which can highlight the atmosphere of the kitchen. The waist line, the kitchen I personally suggest that you can not consider the use, mainly: First, because the space between the cabinet and the cabinet of the cabinet is small, generally about 75cm, if you add the waistline, it will feel a little cumbersome. Second, you can reduce unnecessary expenses.

3) The choice of kitchen wall tiles color

The walls of the kitchen are generally made of bright light-colored wall tiles, because the kitchen feels clean, clean, relaxed, and pleasant, too dark colors will appear somewhat depressed. If you consider using matt to make the wall of the kitchen, it is best to use a flat surface. Do not use those that have a bumpy feel, mainly because it is not convenient to scrub.

4) Determination of kitchen wall tiles specifications

The current floor tiles of kitchen floor tiles are mainly 300*300 and 330*330. The specifications should not be too large. It is too big for the ground to level, and it is not easy to install floor drain. The material is best to use matt non-slip glazed tiles to prevent The soup soup in the kitchen makes the ground slippery, and it is a safety problem. Therefore, the choice of floor tile slip is the first.

The choice of kitchen tiles is critical, learn the techniques above, choose the kitchen tiles that suit your home, and create the perfect kitchen.